As one crosses the mid-thirties, handling a slow metabolism will become an inevitable task. And the primary of many struggles is dropping the excess fats that accumulate around the stomach and refuses to budge. Venancio D’souza, founding the father of V’s fitness, says a sedentary existence coupled with a desk task is a reason for fats accumulation across the thighs and hips. “Among men, the problem areas also encompass chest and the middle wherein fat could be very dominant — mainly whilst you forestall including movement to your habitual,” explains D’souza, recommending a reduction in meals intake and an increase in the intensity of the workout. “While workout, don’t isolate any muscle group — it’s far alternatively beneficial to paintings compound movements for nice effects,” advises D’souza.
Four Mirror readers share how they managed to conquer the bulge:
█ ANAND SONIMINDE, 39 Entrepreneur
Weight loss: 103 kg to 86 kg in 8 months (8 years in the past) and 86-seventy one in six months (three years in the past)
Weight struggles: Controlling food regimen and burning fat around the stomach and glutes
Fitness form: A normal marathon runner, my prep consists of a routine entire with strolling, swimming and weight training to paintings on my core and unilateral power. At the gymnasium, I do quite a few loose-hand education with weights. I additionally carry out squats, core schooling, shoulder and decrease returned strengthening, biceps and tricep exercises with the ut system — simply the use of medicinal drug balls and mild weights. Alternatively, I do incline and pyramid programme runs on the treadmill. This workout is finished by way of increasing the velocity every minute until one achieves top pace after which, progressively slowing down. Saturdays are rest days to recover and get ready for the Sunday runs.
Diet: Low fat and low carb, and intermittent fasting for about 4 weeks
Fitness recommendation for the ones above 35: Opt for outdoor cardio workouts inclusive of running, swimming or playing a game. Control your food plan to common out your calorie consumption and boom your typical metabolism. Losing weight is set will power: once you start enjoying it, it’ll appear

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