Key Topics Covered:
Physical Fitness Equipment: Enabling Fitness thru Cardiovascular Training, Strength Training, and Muscle Building
Key Trends Influencing Fitness Equipment Market Summarized
Growth Drivers in a Nutshell
Key Growth Impeding Factors in a Nutshell
Connected Consumers and the Digital Disruption within the Fitness Industry: Fundamental Growth Drivers
The convergence of Fitness and Technology
Influence of Gen Y and Gen Z on the Marketplace
Self-Serve and On-Demand Experience
Digital Disruption Drive Focus on Innovation
Holistic Approach towards Health
Measuring Health Become More Personal
Digital Community-based Approach to Fitness
Major Technologies which can be Transforming the Fitness Industry
Mobile Phones and Apps
Smart Connected Fitness Equipment
Wearable Devices
Global Market Outlook
Developed Markets: Traditional Revenue Generators Continue to Maintain their Dominance
Fitness Equipment Marketplace: Highly Competitive and Fragmented
Popular Gym Equipment Brands and their Features
Popular Home-Gym Equipment Brands and their Features
Popular Treadmill Brands and their Features
Popular Elliptical Machine Brands and their Features
Fitness Equipment Makers Team Up with Sports Leagues
Health Clubs Embrace New Business Models
Back to Circuit-Training
Counting on Social Media
Health Clubs to Extend Footprints
Growth for Workout Video-on-Demand
Internet Emerge as an Effective Sales Channel
Alternative Physical Activities Affect Fitness Centers Business
Used Equipment Market: Bright or Blight
Manufacturers Look towards Novelty & Entertainment to Entice Consumers
The advent of Tools for Fitness Training
Mechanical Switches Lose Importance to Membrane Counterparts
Capacity & Cost Issues: Key Challenges for Fitness Products Market
Volatile Raw Material Prices Bother Manufacturers
Distribution Channels
Specialty Fitness Shops
Mass Market Retailers
Mail-Order Catalogs
TV Shopping Channels/Infomercials
Booming Health and Wellness Industry and Exponential Increase in Health & Fitness Clubs Drive Demand for Commercial Equipment
Growing Number of Health and Fitness Clubs Worldwide
Facilities with Advanced Equipment Offer Futuristic Workouts with Immense Health Benefits
Major Trends in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry Summarized
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Educated, Experienced, and Certified Fitness Professionals
Strength Training
Group Training
Exercise Is Medicine
Personal Training
Exercise and Weight Loss
Functional Fitness
Outdoor Activities
Group Personal Training
Wellness Coaching
Worksite Health Promotion
Smartphone Exercise Apps
Outcome Measurements
Circuit Training
Mobility and Flexibility Rollers
Motion-Based Exercises
Considerations at the same time as Selecting Commercial Physical Fitness Equipment
Bodybuilders Remain the Core Customer Group for Commercial Equipment
Flexibility, Privacy, and Minimal Distraction Benefits Drive Demand for Home Fitness Equipment
Key Trends Facilitating Transition to Home Workouts
Rising Incidents of Lifestyle Diseases
Demand for Online Fitness Programs
Adoption of Wearable Devices
The popularity of Functional Fitness
Alternative Fitness Coaching
Focus on Preventative Healthcare to Fuel Demand for Home Fitness Equipment
Myriad Benefits Drive Adoption of Elliptical Trainers for Home Use
Rising Need to Maintain Physical Activity among the Aging Population: A Weighty Growth Driver
Demographic Statistics of the Global Aging Populace: Unfurling the Market Potential
Growing Overweight and Obese Population Benefit Market Prospects for Treadmills and Other Fitness Equipment
Emerging Technologies, Advanced Software, and Personalized Solutions for Specialized Training Drive Demand from Military Sector
The emergence of New Technologies
Personalized Solutions for Specialized Training
Incorporation of Advanced Software
Growing Prominence of Exercise Bikes as an Effective Fitness Solution for Cardiovascular Health Drive Demand
Cardiovascular Diseases: Key Facts & Figures
Rising Participation of Women in Sports and Fitness Due to Increasing Spending Power Boosts Sales
A large Number of Women Adopt Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and Wearable Technology
Surging Interest in Home Gym Exercising among Women
Big Sporting Events Underpin Sales Growth
Muscle Strengthening Equipment Gain Popularity among Youth
Cardio Equipment Outweigh Weights
Elliptical Trainers: Offering Advantages over Treadmills
Stationary Upright Exercise Bicycle: Ideal for Cardio Workouts
Treadmill Desks: The New Fad
Trends Towards Group Exercise Promotes Market Expansion
Technology Integration in Fitness Equipment for the Visually Impaired Augurs Well for the Market
Types of Fitness Consoles
Factors Hindering Usage of Fitness Equipment in Visually Impaired
Major Challenges
Developing Countries: Focal Point for Current and Future Market Growth
Increasing Production Activity to Favor Market Growth
Favorable Demographic & Economic Trends Strengthen Market Prospects
Exponential Increase in Urban Population
Increasing Affluence of the Ballooning Middle-Class Population
Rising Standards of Living

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