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In the first 12 months of the tender beverages levy, sugary classics are giving manner to more healthy fare. Featuring the state-of-the-art stats from Kantar and Nielsen, we look at the food plan options which have driven sales, how sales on the giants and smaller manufacturers have fared given that slashing sugar and the brand new flavor improvements on the way to supermarket shelves.
As plastic appears set to crowd out fish in our oceans, what sustainable solutions lie ahead? We have a look at innovations in sustainable packaging from around the world, find out why PET formats are at the up despite the backlash and take a look at the relative advantages of the maximum famous packaging substances.
Last summer time’s CO2 scarcity wreaked havoc in smooth liquids. We have a look at the three key elements that precipitated the crisis, the instructions discovered and provide you with the lowdown on the main CO2 providers to the food and drink industry.

It’s springtime and I’m on vacation in Italy doing my pleasant to live La Dolce Vita: sitting in a tiny trattoria on a stunning, heat night and watching people walk down cobbled streets on their nightly passeggiata.
Surrounded with the aid of chattering tourists, I spoon up tiramisu after enjoying scrumptious bruschetta with vine tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and feel (nearly) content.
The best element lacking is a massive glass of Chianti. Or a sweet limoncello. Or a grappa.
Of all of the demanding situations of a yr of not ingesting booze, traveling Italy must truly be up there with the hardest of them.
But, spoiler — I survived this unique task without drinking a single drop.

It’s proper that holidaying without alcohol in a rustic famed for its wine and liquors can experience sorely like deprivation, even while you’re indulging in masses of different treats.
To do it, you will need steely clear up, due to the fact the alcoholic temptations start even earlier than you have boarded the plane.
First, there may be the inevitable passage via responsibility free, with what looks as if acres of glittering liquor bottles at expenses so discounted it feels rude now not to inventory up on the maximum allowed.
Having survived that gauntlet, in case you are fortunate to beg a pass, the following stop is the airport lounge, wherein a nicely-stocked bar gives free wine, champagne, and free-pour whiskey to indulge in at all hours (and I witnessed lots of people getting stuck in earlier than breakfast).
Then it’s onto the aircraft, with its hours-long supply of commonly gratis G&Ts — in reality, the first component hosties hand you are a beverages menu.
And that is all earlier than leaving Australian airspace, let alone touching down on overseas soil perfect for growing wine grapes.

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