Spill its miles the collection wherein we get people to anonymously inform us about their ingesting behavior.
We’re speaking to ladies and men from everywhere in the UK – and other elements of the sector – approximately how a good deal they absolutely drink.
Not how a great deal they tell their doctor they drink, or a rough guesstimate, however the unvarnished boozy reality.
This week we’re listening to from Ted (now not his real call) who is a 29-yr-old dealer, who lives near St Albans.
We end at a decent time on Friday, which is good information because I’ve were given a stag do.
I move instantly from the workplace to the airport and meet the rest of the lads at the airport. We sink some before the flight. Four beers.
As quickly as we’re on the flight I’m out like a light – I was given up at 5 am to work out. Next aspect I recognize we’re arriving in Italy. The stag is in Florence that’s a chunk rogue but pleasant.
We get a bus to the metropolis middle (grim) and dump our stuff at the condo, then immediately to the bar. Five or six points, then we move again to the apartment to sleep. It’s constantly a mistake to move too large on the first night.
Wake up and look for someplace to have breakfast. No in which does a proper one, so we come to be buying slices of grim pizza from a street supplier.
First beer opened at 11 am.
Some of the lads need to visit a museum but it’s an extended queue and artwork isn’t my element, so we pass for a walk around the town. It’s a first-class.
We have lunch at a few out of doors pizza place (I have lasagne) and feature a few beers and more than one bottles of wine among us.
We’re supposed to do a segway excursion however the manual says we’ve had an excessive amount of to drink. We argue and agree to return back tomorrow.
No tour, so we visit an Irish pub and begin sinking the beverages. Few shots, extra beers.

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