Pressing a button to call a helicopter to a rooftop, as soon as the stuff of sci-fi testimonies, could quickly be a reality in China’s southern city of Shenzhen.

An urban air mobility (UAM) task is predicted to make the Chinese innovation hub, famend for its “Shenzhen pace,” even quicker.

The joint assignment among Airbus and Shenzhen Municipal Commerce Bureau will add a new dimension to its urban delivery device.

“We recognize the capacity of Shenzhen – the modern spirit, and the opportunity to create a further solution for the town and a service,” stated Eduardo Dominguez Puerta, head of urban air mobility of Airbus.

Tailored UAM services might be added in Shenzhen with the aid of the quit of 2019, making it the first Chinese city with helicopters in its city public transport.

“Airbus is participating intently with China on helicopters. We would really like to start introducing this UAM service with current helicopters and in parallel develop the brand new electronic vertical take-off and touchdown (VTOL) and next-technology motors,” Puerta said.

A digital platform will be tailor-made to Shenzhen, tailored to the Chinese purchaser and linked to the existing shipping gadget.

The seamless quit-to-stop transport solution could combine any form of ground transport and mobility with the air.

“I hope that we will show collectively on the give up of this 12 months that this isn’t always technology fiction, however a present truth and an alternative for human beings in Shenzhen,” said Puerta.

“It goes to be plenty greater public because the rate could be extra suitable to the general public. Its price as a new urban delivery form is some distance past commercial enterprise,” he introduced.

(Cover: A helicopter receives geared up for rescue operations in Longgang District, Shenzhen, May 1, 2019. /VGC Photo)

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