Whether you are attempting to limit your meat intake thru Meatless Mondays or adhere to a vegetarian diet full-time, it’s easy to cycle via the same handful of meat-loose recipes. (Yes, it is sincerely feasible to get ill of veggie burgers.)

The key to maintaining things clean while nevertheless getting dinner at the desk in a timely manner: your Instant Pot. Food experimenting is safe with the IP because it’s without a doubt fool-evidence. And in case you’re a vegetarian, it cooks meatless staples like dried beans and grains in a fragment of the time it’d at the stovetop. Brilliant. But nevertheless, it enables to have some thing to move off of, right? That’s where these recipes come in. Keep analyzing for an entire arsenal of vegetarian Instant Pot recipes to try.
Keep reading for seven vegetarian food you can make on your Instant Pot.

1. Moroccan stew

If you have got loads of mouths to feed, this recipe from Paint The Kitchen Red is a lifesaver. Chickpeas function the protein in this meal, however the starring element is in reality the butternut squash, which gets flawlessly soft inside the Instant Pot. Get equipped to be poking round to your spice rack quite a piece, too; it’s what makes this dinner so taste-packed.

2. Pad Thai stir fry

Most pad Thai recipes will coach you to prepare dinner the noodles in boiling water, chop up the veggies and stir fry them up, and make the sauce in another, smaller pot. Do yourself a favor and throw everything in your Instant Pot rather à la Hummusapien. Wayyyy fewer dishes to address

three. Chili with summer veggies

Put your farmers’ marketplace haul to exact use with this summer time chili recipe from She Likes Food. Corn, zucchini, pink pepper, yellow squash, tomatoes…it’s all in here. Add to your fave bean—pinto, black, or kidney will all paintings simply great—to cook dinner right with the greens.
4. Lentil tacos

If you’ve by no means attempted lentils as your protein filler for taco night, your existence is ready to be changed. The Instant Pot offers lentils the equal smooth texture as conventional gradual cooked meat fillings, and nonetheless gives you on the protein the front. Add a few lettuce, tomato, and avocado (duh) and voilà—dinner, finished.
Five. Sweet potatoes with Thai peanut butter sauce

The name of this recipe on my own is sufficient to begin salivating: candy potatoes and Thai peanut butter sauce? Um, yes. The Instant Pot chefs the tubers so quick that they’ll be equipped by the time you’re performed making the sauce and ‘slaw. Good issue too due to the fact ready to dig in might be torturous.
6. Cacciatore with white beans

This vegetarian Instant Pot recipe hits all of the taste notes of the classic Italian dish while subbing white beans in for the bird. Serve this dish on top of polenta, mashed potatoes, pasta, or eat it on its personal. The comfort meals will leave your belly complete and happy.
7. Pho

Hallelujah, you can even make pho to your IP—no meat or bone broth required. This recipe from The Viet Vegan requires a mushroom broth instead, and mushrooms and tofu are brought in to provide the meaty texture. It additionally consists of ginger and famous person anise, which can be each recognised for their intestine-healing properties.

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