Adam Lambert is throwing bloodless water on the concept of recording new cloth with Queen.

“People continually ask if we want to record collectively,” the onetime American Idol runner-up admitted during a brand new interview with Hunger. “I’m not sure it makes general feel because it wouldn’t certainly be Queen, due to the fact to me Queen is Freddie [Mercury].”

Lambert went on to clarify that the life enjoys with Queen is what brings him the most joy. “My preferred issue is collaborating and placing these concert events together and growing onstage — it’s wonderful pleasant and exciting,” he stated. “To gift those ideas to those two gents — in particular once they just like the concept!”

The singer’s remarks upload the state-of-the-art wrinkle to the continuing will-they-won’t-they dialogue concerning original cloth from the Queen + Adam Lambert partnership.

Guitarist Brian May previously said “you never know” when requested approximately recording with Lambert. Drummer Roger Taylor took matters even further, saying that new songs were “pretty possible.”

“If we do something in the destiny, I’d like it to be something new,” Taylor informed Planet Rock in 2016. “I do not know how new it would sound, but I think if Brian ought to give you a track or [that] we felt the form of geared up.”

The achievement of the Oscar-prevailing biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, coupled with the recent documentary The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story, apparently paved the way for brand new material from the longtime collaborators. But Lambert’s feedback makes it clean his attention is present elsewhere.

The singer has a brand new solo album due out this year, in conjunction with two months of journeying this summer time with Queen.

15. ‘Made In Heaven’ (1995)
Four years after Freddie Mercury’s heartbreaking loss of life from AIDS-related headaches, the surviving three contributors of Queen rallied to compile their singer’s final recordings into the posthumous ‘Made in Heaven.’ The effects, unfortunately, suffered a bit from Freddie’s ill health and the hodgepodge nature of the material (tons of it previously reduce for solo albums). However, you didn’t listen all of us complaining approximately this very last, surprising gift of Queen and Mercury’s voice.
14. ‘Hot Space’ (1982)
Decades later, it’s nonetheless tough to fathom what possessed Queen to dive off the dance tune deep quit on 1982’s endlessly bewildering ‘Hot Space’ — no longer least because they spent years boasting there had been “no synthesizers” on their albums. Except for an impromptu collaboration with David Bowie on ‘Under Pressure’ (tacked onto the album on the eleventh hour), enthusiasts have treasured few exact recollections of ‘Hot Space,’ and most of those fall into the guilty satisfaction category.
Thirteen. ‘The Miracle’ (1989)
In retrospect, it’s evident that work on ‘The Miracle’ become negatively laid low with the strain of Freddie Mercury’s current — even though nevertheless secret — AIDS prognosis, however on time, Queen’s 13th album felt like a disappointingly unfocused pastiche of rock and pop patterns. Still, sporadic highlights just like the rousing ‘I Want it All,’ the rococo identify the tune, and subliminally revealing ‘Scandal’ gave fanatics a few stellar moments to grasp onto while, unbeknownst to them, their favored band became coming to grips with mortality.
12. ‘Flash Gordon’ (1981)
In the arms of different bands, movie soundtracks are usually arrogance projects that hardly ever stack as much as proper studio albums. But now not Queen’s first foray into the layout via 1981’s ‘Flash Gordon,’ which now not handiest yielded successful unmarried in Brian May’s explosive ‘Flash,’ however subsidized it up with a slew of placing instrumental themes that flew listeners directly to the courtroom of Ming the Merciless. Too terrible the movie bombed in theaters, however then, this most effective highlighted Queen’s involvement as the first-class issue approximately ‘Flash Gordon.’
11. ‘Innuendo’ (1991)
The final album released throughout Freddie Mercury’s lifetime turned into heralded through many as a return to eclectic shape, thanks to runaway imagination (see the Spanish guitar-adorned title tune) and concise smash hit songwriting (‘These are the Days of Our Lives,’ ‘The Show Must Go On’). But like many LPs launched at the height of the CD technology, ‘Innuendo’ truly ran a little long with deep album cuts that, at a distinctive point in time may additionally have accurately been left at the outtake list.
10. ‘A Kind of Magic’ (1986)
Queen’s 2d movement photograph soundtrack (for the movie ‘Highlander,’ yet another myth adventure), ‘A Kind of Magic’ also stood up on its own as a full-fledged studio album, entire with massive singles like ‘One Vision,’ ‘Friends Will Be Friends’ and the name music (all subsidized via massive price range track motion pictures). Unfairly underrated in America, the album, however, topped the charts in many nations and caused the most triumphant (and unluckily closing) international excursion of Queen’s career — later documented on the monumental ‘Live Magic’ launch.
9. ‘Queen’ (1973)
Queen’s very first album delivered polar examples of their precocious genius (first single ‘Keep Yourself Alive,’ the outlandish ‘My Fairy King’) and as-but-unrealized ability (the sleepy ‘Doing All Right’ and an insignificant cartoon of ‘Seven Seas of Rhye’), but it left absolute confidence about their uncooked expertise and sheer chutzpah. To be sure, this explains why it has given that become a firm preferred of diehard lovers, despite the fact that its actual sales upon launch had been modest at great. You clearly can’t keep an awesome Queen down.

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